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The BJJ Mental Coach Podcast with Gustavo Dantas - Gustavo Dantas: Jiu Jitsu Entrepreneur EPISODE 67, 1st September 2019
EP 67 - The Obstacle Is The Way | Hyperfly CEO Pascal Pakter
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EP 67 - The Obstacle Is The Way | Hyperfly CEO Pascal Pakter

Pascal Pakter is the CEO of Hyperfly, one of the leading gi and apparel companies in the world.

He shared his early age entrepreneurial experiences as a kid; he talked about the importance of knowing yourself and why you want to become an entrepreneur and my takeaway from the interview was when he spoke about the struggles of entrepreneurship, which inspired me to title this episode The Obstacle is the way, which is the name of Ryan Holiday’s book, a book that Pascal mentioned during the interview.

Stick around for my final thoughts after the interview when I expand on the three essential concepts of the book The Obstacle is the way.

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Gustavo Dantas

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The Obstacle is the Way


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