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Point of View. With author Tim Lewis
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Point of View. With author Tim Lewis

In this bonus episode of The Editing Podcast, Denise and Louise talk to Tim Lewis, host of the Begin Self-Publishing Podcast and author of tree time-travel novellas (Timeshock series), three fantasy novels (Magpies and Magic series), and Social Media Networking.


  • Benefits and challenges of working with a professional editor who’s also a family member
  • Trust and personal relationships
  • Constructive criticism and the author/editor relationship: Best vs best-fit relationships
  • Marketing tips: Social media; sales versus visibility; tagging and quoting
  • The culture of free and its impact on book sales
  • Building an author platform and understanding your social media audience
  • Podcasting for indie authors
  • Using your book as a marketing tool to grow your business
  • Structural outlining: Planning versus pantsing
  • Author tip: Starting with a shorter project to learn the basics of self-publishing and hone your craft

Talk to Tim

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  • Social Media Networking: How to Use Social Media to Get the Job You Want, Find Love, Get Business Success and Boost Your Travel Experience:

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