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Quitting Six Figure Job at Hulu in Los Angeles, to work for the Amazon of Africa, Jumia.
Episode 15016th September 2023 • The Sound of Accra Podcast • Adrian Daniels
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In this short clip, Adrian speaks to Joannes "Joe" Hotagua, founder of Authentic African and Startup Advisor and mentor, about what led to his decision to leave his high paying job working in digital advertising for American streaming giant, Hulu, owned by Walt Disney, to relocating to Accra, Ghana, to join E-Commerce Marketplace, Jumia

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Listen to the full podcast here, "The Digital Africa Gold Rush & Startups"

In this podcast highlight clip we discuss:

- Similarities and differences between working for Hulu vs working for Jumia

- Silicon Valley and the African Tech Industry
- Moving to Ghana from L.A. to learn and not earn, and to make a positive impact on the African Continent
-Lack of diversity in Silicon Valley
-Applying knowledge gained from Hulu to Jumia and Africa

Show Notes:

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00:00 Intro
01:02 Icebreaker
02:26 What is Authentic African and more about Joe
03:52 Africans should be the first to invest in Africa
05:00 The year of return 2019
06:06 Sierra Leone
07:20 Sandbox
10:10 Digital Africa Gold Rush
13:25 The rise of African Tech Startups
16:49 The Gold Rush
17:50 Authentic African
23:40 YouTube vs Instagram
25:35 Doing Vlogs and Instagram stories
28:40 Quitting well paid job and relocating to Ghana
32:20 Finding purpose in Africa with western skills
36:20 Working at Jumia vs Hulu
41:31 Advertising for Africa
44:10 Outsourcing Authentic African brand tasks
46:00 2023 plans - expanding the Authentic African brand
49:40 Outro


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