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The Adulting with Ebonie Podcast Season 7 Trailer
Trailer11th January 2024 • Adulting with Ebonie The Podcast • Ebonie Allard
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Welcome to Adulting with Ebonie: The Podcast that, lets be honest has evolved a lot over the last six seasons!

Season seven brings together Neurodiversity, Human Design and Embodiment so that Gen X or Millennial Misfits (and late-diagnosed 'neurospices') become empowered, embodied and fully expressed. 

This is the show where I actively encourage you to:

  • Feel your feelings rather than think them
  • Glow up not grow up
  • and become full of yourself, because who the fuck else should you be full of?

Each week I have real and raw conversations about what it takes to be fully resourced and have happy healthy intimate relationships as a dopamine-deficient adult.

I share relatable, practical ways that mean you get to take less responsibility for more reward and safely remove your camouflage for more belonging, acceptance and fulfilment.

AND...After each episode, I take my patrons behind the scenes for a snoop around!

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This week's Patron offering is called 'What to expect from me in 2024 ' and I talk about what I've got planned for our inner circle inside 'The Maven Haven' and all the other treasures I have planned for 2024.

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