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Jenny Harkleroad – 17 Seconds to Wellness and Success
Episode 2122nd May 2023 • Becoming Preferred • Michael Vickers
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Episode Overview:

Most of us are making decisions driven by unconscious programming and we don't even realize it. We can try to work harder, push through and hustle to reach our goals, but what if we could get our subconscious mind on board to achieve success more quickly and easily? 

My guest, Jenny Harkleroad, says it's not only possible, but much closer than we think. Join me now for my conversation with author, speaker and mind change teacher, Jenny Harkleroad.

Guest Bio: 

Jenny Harkleroad is an author, speaker and mind change teacher. She’s a mother of 4 which is her greatest claim to fame! Jenny is a big-hearted entrepreneur and business leader. She built a business in San Diego, where she grew up and lives.

With the power of the mind, Jenny overcame her past of chronic pain, addictions, bad relationships, and unhappiness. She never knew how sweet life could be until she changed her mind and that changed everything. Jenny has a dramatic story to share, breaking her back on a mountain cliff. That event changed everything and gave her a ferocious appetite to transform lives and help others create what’s missing in their lives.

Jenny and her Balanced You™ team help others to transform their success, health and wellness, relationships, and business success so that they can bask in the love of life every day and accomplish their goals of health, wealth, and happiness.

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Insight Gold Timestamps:

04:11 So now I'm stuck in bed thinking about all the things I don't like about my life

09:26 It's the tension in your body from your past

11:04 The 17 second rule

13:05 Catch and kill

16:02 Psychologists say you have 50 to 80,000 thoughts per day. 80% negative 90%

20:22 First deciding, what do you even want?

21:07 Your subconscious is either supporting you or sabotaging you in every area of your life

26:29 The statement that really changed everything for me….

28:10 An untrained brain....a bad puppy

31:38 The first step is just asking yourself what you want different in your life

33:25 Positive affirmations are conscious

33:50 In the book, Atomic Habits by James Clear....

38:30 If you're confident, it makes it so much more enjoyable

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