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Safety With Purpose Podcast - Safety With Purpose Podcast 28th January 2020
WIS #10 – Impact of Well-being and Mental Health on Safety
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WIS #10 – Impact of Well-being and Mental Health on Safety

How do you use ensure your workers are in good mental health and well-being? In episode ten of Women in Safety, sponsored by Safeopedia, we are chatting with Theo Heineman of 1 Life Workplace Safety Solutions Ltd. and Sylvia Marusyk of MindBody Works. We talk about our mental health and well-being from a neuroscience point of view, and how it can impede our focus, thinking and response which has the outcome result of impacting safety practices. Theo and Sylvia share their knowledge and experience with us during their discussion.

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About Our Guests:

Theo Heineman President and CEO of 1 Life Workplace Safety Solutions Ltd; a dedicated group of Safety Professionals and Software Programmers, passionate about sending workers home safe at the end of the day while supporting employers to increased efficiency and profits. We collaborate with a diverse client base to develop and continuously enhance powerful web and mobile applications that increase overall workplace safety risk management while driving down time, administration and enforcement costs.

1Life’s software solutions are four-time award winners of the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering for excellence by a group and their impact on workplace safety and was featured in "Who's Who" May 2016.

Starting a company was not the plan, however, in 2008, Manitoba had an all time high workplace fatality rate. As a former Paramedic and seeing first hand the devastating effects of workplace accidents to workers, their families and employers Theo felt she wanted to do her best to help support the change. In 2009, 1Life was born and the rest as they say…is history.

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/theoheineman

Website: www.theoheineman.ca

Website: 1LifeWSS.com

Email: theo@1lifewss.com

Sylvia Marusyk the Founder of MindBody Works; a Canadian company focusing on creating and maintaining health and wellness in the workplace. As an Occupational Therapist with almost 30 years of experience and expertise in the field of health and safety, Sylvia emphasizes that prevention is the key to creating happy, healthy individuals, employees and businesses.

Sylvia has been working in the area of injury prevention and health promotion for the past 2 decades. Her goals are to assist companies and individuals in achieving greater personal and organizational health and safety and to have fun doing it!

Sylvia is the former host of the ‘Happy Hour With Sylvia!’ radio show, international keynote speaker, “activational” mentor and industry expert has proven that the way we look at corporate health, safety and wellness is due for a change of perspective and Sylvia is leading the charge.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sylvia-marusyk-89a2931a/

Website: http://mindbodyworks.ca/

Email: Sylvia@mindbodyworks.ca