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iCreateDaily Podcast - iCreateDaily Podcast 10th September 2018
Short Inspirational Sayings to Boost Your Day

Short Inspirational Sayings to Boost Your Day

What do you do when you need a boost of inspiration or an emotional pick-me-up? We turn to each other as well as inspiring podcasts, books and shows. We also enjoy reading, sharing and creating short inspirational sayings.

One thing’s for sure, if you seek inspiration, you will become more inspired.

Toward that, we’re sharing an evolving list of 30 short inspirational sayings and quotes, to hopefully boost your day.

We all need reminding from time to time, to seek the bright side and the positives. So no matter what may be happening in o your world, remember to search for the bright spots of inspiration, and you will find them. And it sure as heck beats the alternative!

Stuff happens, good and back, so focus no the good and you’ll have more of that.

Read all the quotes here!