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Men of Abundance - Wally Carmichael 17th October 2019
Beyond Invincible! Live Large and Live Long. with Jennifer Carroll
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Beyond Invincible! Live Large and Live Long. with Jennifer Carroll

Living a healthy life is living life of Abundance. Just like anything else, being healthy and living a long healthy life takes effort. In order to get to where you want to go, you must know where you are today. Do you know the status of your health? Do you really? Well, we are going to find out right now. 

Meet our Feature Guest 

Jennifer is a former TV news reporter, wife, mother, desperate housewife, author,
speaker, caregiver, widow, and now… a voice of resilience and rediscovery.

With her effervescent personality and humor, she has channeled her grief into a
passionate message of resilience and lessons learned through loss. Today, she
lives out her passion of inspiring and empowering others through her motto
“Live Large & Live Long

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