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Beyond Adversity w/ Dr. Brad Miller - Dr Brad Miller EPISODE 116, 31st January 2020
POP.116: The Proven Process to Lose Weight Heal Chronic Illness and Reverse Aging with Dr. Pat Luse
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POP.116: The Proven Process to Lose Weight Heal Chronic Illness and Reverse Aging with Dr. Pat Luse

Dr. Brad Miller’s guest on Episode 116 of the Power of Promise Podcast is the author of “The 7 Systems Plan: Proven Steps to Lose Weight Heal Chronic Illness and Reverse Aging for Good”

Pat is a certified lifestyle coach and has treated tens of thousands of patients from all across America and around the world. He is passionate about helping people regain their health through safe, natural methods. His book, The 7 Systems Plan, is the result of over three decades of work and research.

God is the top priority for Pat and his wife, Teresa. They are actively involved in their family (four biological and four adopted children), their church, and their community.

Dr. Pat believes most diets have one major flaw—they focus on restricting calories without addressing the real cause of your weight and health problems: a malfunction in one or more of your body’s 7 Systems.

Dr. Pat talks to Dr. Brad about how he has helped countless patients regain their health with the 7 Systems Plan.

He discusses how to discover a proven process for creating the life you’ve always wanted. I show you how to regain your health with my unique threefold strategy:

Evaluate Your Systems → Identify the Imbalances → Optimize Your Systems

Fixing just one malfunctioning System may dramatically improve your health. But when you get all 7 Systems working for you instead of against you, the benefits are incredible:

  • Lose weight fast and maintain your ideal body weight permanently.
  • Live up to 24 years longer.
  • Increase your energy up to 600%.
  • Decrease cancer risk up to 67%.
  • Look and feel up to 10 years younger in 90 days.
  • Decrease or eliminate your need for medications.
  • Significantly improve your sex drive.

The simple, proven steps in The 7 Systems Plan are easy to implement but life-changing.

You can learn more about the work of Dr. Pat Luse at his website


The Power of Promise Podcast is all about the passion Dr. Brad Miller has to help people overcome debilitating life adversity to achieve their God-Given Promised Life of Peace, Prosperity and Purpose. Dr. Brad podcasts and blogs at pathwaypromise.com.