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Episode 133 – Becoming a Dynamic Listener: The Guide to Making Her Needs a Priority
26th April 2021 • Man vs Marriage • Quincy Moran
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Is it true that women say 25,000 words a day? I am not sure on the most up to date science what I know living in a home with 8 females and 7 being teenagers is women talk a lot! Are men built for all listening? DO YOU listen? It has been said very wisely that God gave mankind 2 ears and 1 mouth so we can listen twice as much as we speak. There is a difference though in listening to someone and actually hearing what someone has to say, especially when it comes to your wife. In my conclusion dynamic listening includes: Listen(Full attentive concentration) Hearing (digesting and asking about what has been said) and engagement. These 3 keys will develop your swag when it comes to communicating at a higher level. This is crucial to intimacy, your wife wants to have a voice and she sure wants you to listen and “hear” what she has to say.

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