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HealthCare Huddle - Michael Zervas EPISODE 6, 8th February 2021
Revenue Cycle Management Strategies For Success
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Revenue Cycle Management Strategies For Success

Steve Pfeiffer has help consoled business to receive the most storied achievement of a Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award.

He currently President and Director of Revenue Cycle Management for Encompass Healthcare Data Solutions. In this episode, he explores the key metrics to help raise your revenue cycle management to the highest level while also watching for the mistakes that often sidetrack this process.

How do denials impact your business and how do you avoid them. How can a course correction help prevent future denials and why it is vital for effective revenue cycle management.

How do you create an effective feedback loop with internal staff to improve overall organizational success? 

In Michael’s Post OP Comments he discusses what should you ask potential vendors when choosing a good vendor for Revenue Cycle management.