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Trade Show University for Virtual & Live Events - Jim Cermak EPISODE 70, 18th December 2020
Ep 070 - Future Event Industry Leader Profile with Linda Tong
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Ep 070 - Future Event Industry Leader Profile with Linda Tong

Episode 070 - Future Event Industry Leader profile - an interview with Linda Tong

Linda Tong is a 2020 recipient of the IAEE Helen Brett Scholarship awarded to outstanding individuals pursuing an education and career in the Exhibitions and Events Industry.

Linda Tong is a recent graduate of Iowa State University double majoring in Event Management and Music. In her years at college she has been involved in many organizations and events including the top choir at Iowa State, was a Special Event Director, and other activities such as The Fashion Show and PCMA. She also started a business while in school that is quickly growing and that she is now pursuing as a career after graduation.

Linda's LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lindatongplanners/

Linda Tong Planners website: https://www.lindatongplanners.com/

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