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Alex Weaver | NASCAR Reporter and Host
Episode 1287th February 2020 • Rich Take On Sports • Richmond Weaver
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Show Notes:

  • Her full name is Jordan Alexis Weaver so her initials are JAWS and people would always make the sound of the movie theme
  • She's also commonly referred to as Weave or Weaver
  • Was a tomboy growing up and could throw a football at an early age and has great memories of going to Clemson football games as a kid
  • Her dad played football at East Carolina and her mom was a cheerleader at Clemson University
  • She was an only child and playing on a travel soccer team was a way for her to feel like she had sisters and a bigger family
  • During her senior year in high school, she started dabbling in sportscasting during football games and continued as a student at Clemson while she was helping Chad Morris as a Student Administrative Recruiting Assistant
  • Never dreamed that she would be working for NASCAR but she feels at home and loves it especially knowing that her grandfather was such a huge NASCAR fan
  • It can be tough as a female in a male-dominated sport but she thrives on the challenge
  • Words of Wisdom from Alex Weaver: "Do not worry about tomorrow for today is all we have."

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