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FTR 071: Mike Davidson – Wage and Hour Laws – Don’t Ignore This
11th November 2019 • For The Record • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Mike Davidson is from Parkway Automotive in Little Rock, Arkansas, been in the industry for more than 30 years and a business owner for over 18. Mike is an AMI graduate, an ASE Master Technician, he belongs and contributes to Elite Worldwide and was recognized as the Arkansas NAPA/ASE tech of the year seven years in a row.  He’s been doing radio and TV over the last fifteen years talking ‘service’ in Little Rock. Mike helped start the Little Rock chapter of ASA and is currently an officer. Look for Mike’s other episode HERE.

Link to Episode 466, In-depth on Wage and Hour and discussion on his Wage and Hour Book HERE.

Key Talking Points:

  • Shop owners can get audited by the Department of Labor
  • Wage and Hour issues are very real and must be understood
  • Mike sites information from an article from Dennis McCarron showing the types of penalties from non-compliance to wage and hour laws. He shares the numbers: $342,926, $306,000, $174,400, $76,000
  • Careful with your own interpretation of wage and hour exemptions.
  • Keeping your costs down can happen in other ways than in shortcuts on how and what you pay your people
  • Mike wrote a book on wage and hour compliance. 
  • Listen podcast 466 in detail on wage and hour with Mike. Link above.

  • A special thanks to Mike Davidson for his contribution to the aftermarket.
  • Books mentioned in the content library HERE
  • Mike Davidson Episode 466 HERE
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