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CoreBrain Journal - Dr Charles Parker 4th April 2017
104 Prime Recovery For Men In Their Prime – Kienzle
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104 Prime Recovery For Men In Their Prime – Kienzle

Gender and Age Challenges In Any Recovery

Helen Kienzle. Ph.D. - is the Program Director for both the dual diagnosis and mental health programs at the Sovereign Health facility in Palm Desert, California. Dr. Kienzle received her master's degree and her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the School for Professional Psychology at Alliant University in Los Angeles, California. Her specialty today is prime recovery for men.

In addition to that initial training, she also completed a doctoral thesis on the social support needs of women diagnosed with breast cancer. Following the completion of her doctoral work, Dr. Kienzle focuses on providing individual therapy to patients and families, psychiatric crisis intervention and resolution; including the development and implementation of group therapy program curricula at Sovereign Health.

PRIME Recovery Program for Men

Personal and Prime Recovery, Integrating Men’s Experiences program - PRIME Recovery For Men - specializes in the unique recovery needs of men over 40. Sovereign’s Palm Desert location offers evidence-based adult treatment programs for addiction, mental health, and co-occurring conditions, treated with a dual diagnosis program as well as an exclusive mental health program.

PRIME Recovery utilizes all levels of care, from detox to intensive outpatient treatment. Individual therapy and daily groups help mature men reclaim and enjoy the prime of their lives by addressing the issues holding them back. PRIME offers ten residences with a total of 138 beds for males over the age of 40 years old. - See more at Palm Desert PRIME Recovery Program Here.

Her Experience At Sovereign With PRIME Recovery Programs

As Dr. Kienzle notes in the overview interview, the PRIME recovery program targets to men over the age of 40 who struggle with addiction and mental health disorders. The PRIME recovery program focuses on the psychosocial, spiritual and physical health issues facing mature men. After noticing a trend in admissions, Dr. Kienzle said," "We realized that many of our patients were over the age of 40 and dealt with similar issues. We decided to put together a detailed program that would address age-specific issues."

Prime Recovery Program Highlights

You will find interesting that when asked how Sovereign Health treats patients in the PRIME Recovery Program Dr. Kienzle replied:

Many of our patients are professionals, and they have jobs and families to get back to. We want to make sure we are giving all the tools and resources available to help them (the patients) get back to a regular and natural way of living in society. We offer individual and group therapy, case and medication management and psychiatric evaluations. Other services include yoga, meditation, and equine therapy, as well as transportation to attend meetings outside of Sovereign Health.

Sovereign Health

  • Sovereign Health operates nine treatment facilities in five states: California, Arizona, Florida, Texas, and Utah. The facilities are fully licensed and have been awarded Gold Seal accreditation by The Joint Commission, the highest level of certification available in the behavioral health field. Desert Living is a 30-minute TV program broadcast from Palm Springs in the desert's Coachella Valley.




Dr. Kiensle Reports on Solutions Here at CBJ/104

  • The first thing I noticed on moving to Palm Desert - many recovery programs [spp-timestamp time="3:34"]
  • We realized quickly so many prime men, men in their prime, were overlooked [spp-timestamp time="7:03"]
  • We pinpoint and target many specific issues that men over 40 struggle with [spp-timestamp time="6:40"]
  • We designed the program on Erickson's stages fo development [spp-timestamp time="8:26"]
  • Family codependency issues addressed in treatment [spp-timestamp time="(9:38"]
  • Parker on Cognitive Dependency vs. Emotional Dependency [spp-timestamp time="11:57"]
  • My breast cancer research, why and what [spp-timestamp time="22:42"]
  • Premorbid estrogen dominance with breast cancer [spp-timestamp time="26:19"]
  • Prime men and denial patterns [spp-timestamp time="30:15"]
  • The relevance of community in recovery [spp-timestamp time="31:46"]
  • What I learned from an actively psychotic patient [spp-timestamp time="35:40"]


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What an interesting discussion this is - and with such a profound and timely global significance. Special thanks, Helen, your insights into the details of men in their prime, accustomed to denial and isolated self-management offers an improved perspective for those guys in their metaphoric woods, alone and in denial.


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