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CoreBrain Journal - Dr Charles Parker 25th May 2017
119 Achievement Beyond Negative Mind – Friesen
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119 Achievement Beyond Negative Mind – Friesen

Achievement: Overcoming Impediments To Change Your Life

Chris Friesen, Ph.D., C.Psych., originally from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and now located in the Niagara Region. Dr. Friesen is a psychologist repeatedly fascinated by what variables help people reach achievement goals to successfully reach their deepest objectives. He is a licensed clinical, forensic, and neuropsychologist, and now primarily helps professional, national/Olympic, and up-and-coming elite athletes, as well as other high achievers - such as practitioners, entrepreneurs, executives, academics, and writers - achieve their personal and professional potential.

Currently, he also serves as director of Friesen Sport & Performance Psychology and a contributor to Success.com. He is the author of Achieve: Find Out Who You Are, What You Really Want, and How To Make It Happen. and brings abundant ideas on how to hit your most valued objectives.

Personal Achievement Notes

"I am now in the high average range with regard to the personality dimension of Negative Emotions (aka Neuroticism). When I was a child and teenager my standing on this trait was higher. During early adolescence, I was anxious and had low self-efficacy, especially with regard to schooling. I was on the verge of flunking out.

Fortunately, I discovered competitive sports (primarily hockey, serving as a goalie) which served as my focus and revival activities. I also discovered self-help books (e.g., Scott Peck, Tony Robbins, and Stephen Covey) and biographies (e.g., of Arthur Ashe and Christopher Reeves). I realized that a career as a professional hockey player was not in the cards for me and belatedly discovered I could apply the achievement lessons I learned to excel in hockey in addition to what I learned from reading self-help books and biographies, directly into my study activities.

I turned things around and went from the worst student in my junior high and early high school days to obtaining the highest GPA of all psychology majors when I graduated with my psychology undergraduate degree."

Dr. Friesen Achievement Reports: Dealing With Your Future - Here at CBJ/119

  • Your first step: know these Big 5 Personality Dimensions [spp-timestamp time="6:00"]
  • What is your Core Personality [spp-timestamp time="8:58"]
  • Addressing the resistance to change [spp-timestamp time="12:15"]
  • Values, goals and acceptance/commitment therapy - examples [spp-timestamp time="13:41"]
  • Achievement imagery and planning with Woop  [spp-timestamp time="18:37"]
  • Muhammad Ali [corrected] Float like a butterfly... [spp-timestamp time="24:12"]
  • Biohacking, society and the value of cold showers [spp-timestamp time="24:50"]
  • Brain tools: neurofeedback [more CBJ interviews soon] [spp-timestamp time="32:40"]
  • Clinical examples of focused neurofeedback [NFB] [spp-timestamp time="36:27"]
  • Details: how neurofeedback in the office - for ADHD [spp-timestamp time="41:22"]
  • Neuromodulation tools for future CBJ interviews [spp-timestamp time="48:40"]


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Websites & References

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