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71: He heals people through energy! I felt the energy in the room change!
Episode 7119th November 2022 • Hebrew Hits • Jtribe Radio
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A couple of months ago Moshe Klein posted a very powerful video on his feed. I commented on the post. From that comment, we scheduled a phone call, and here we are a couple months later recording a Hebrew Hits podcast episode in my studio!!

I have interviewed some great people on my show who have powerful stories, but this one takes the lead right now as my favorite episode! Moshe Klein has a story that you are going to want to hear. He literally used his struggle and pain as a child to build a career that helps people with healing through energy!

Throughout the episode I kept wondering what does energy healing mean? So, I asked Moshe Klein and right away he said let’s do an exercise where you will see what I’m talking about! Oh boy was I amazed! I literally felt the energy in the room change!

Moshe Klein is a holistic emotional healer with decades of experience helping individuals like you recover their inner truths which are ALWAYS joy, peace, and the capability of success.

Life in the business world can be overwhelmingly challenging, stressful, and exhausting. But it can also be incredibly thrilling, fulfilling, and exhilarating.

✨️✨️Moshe Klein's Goal is to help heal you!✨️✨️

With a unique holistic approach using Health Kinesiology methods among other therapeutic techniques designed to clear your specific emotional blockages, he can help you identify the emotional stressors, triggers, and solutions that impact all areas of your life, especially in business.

The time is NOW- give yourself the healing journey you deserve, and see the results tremendously boosting your business in all areas.

Reach out to Moshe Klein at any time with your questions or to schedule a consultation:

📲Call, text, or Whatsapp 845.244.9066


💥He looks forward to transforming your stress➡️success💥

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