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Marketing on Tap - Sensei Marketing EPISODE 32, 3rd April 2019
Episode 32: Loyalty or Affinity? Get With the Program!
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Episode 32: Loyalty or Affinity? Get With the Program!

When it comes to loyalty and/or affinity programs, many businesses and brands are still missing the mark. Too many go for short-term thinking, and offer discount after discount to get customers into their stores, and this can hurt them in the long term.

With new programs from Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons, updated programs from Starbucks, and new lifestyle programs from Barneys in the U.S. all offering different takes, should businesses be concentrating on affinity or loyalty?

In this week's episode of Marketing on Tap, we look at the different approaches various brands are taking, and share what your business should be looking to do when it comes to understanding your customer base, and what type of program you should offer, loyalty or affinity.

Settle back and enjoy this week’s topic, brought to you in the usual unscripted manner that you’ve come to expect when Sam and Danny take the mic.

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