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Peer 2 Peer Real Estate's Podcast - William Morales EPISODE 180, 17th March 2021
Show 180: Self Storage Investing With Scott Meyers
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Show 180: Self Storage Investing With Scott Meyers

Self Storage Investing's Mission:

Our mission is to supply the tools that can give the Self-storage investors the ability to profit in the hottest form of all real estate and to create a community where thousands of self-storage professionals come together from all over the world in support and celebrating the success of each other.

Please join us on this magnificent journey to enjoy the real estate business you have always dreamed of by downloading our free resources, attending our free webinars, and browsing our catalog of educational tools for the serious investor.

We help people become financially independent without the hassles of tenants, toilets, and trash with self-storage investing!

After years of investing in self-storage and reaching a portfolio of over 2 million square feet of storage, we know what we’re talking about. While we do offer passive investing opportunities at our other site passivestorageinvesting.com, we also love to teach others how they can invest in self-storage actively.

We have created many products, events, and 1-on-1 coaching programs to help teach investors how they can get in on the hottest corner in real estate, self-storage.

On Today's Show Scott Discusses

  • His jump into storage units
  • First investment, how he funded it
  • Acquiring his first storage unit
  • Learning from his mistakes
  • His mastery program
  • And much more.........

Books Scott recommends

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad- Robert Kiyosaki
  • The 4 Disciplines of execution- Chris McChesney & Sean Covey

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