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Why You Need Help to Build a Successful Consulting Business Featuring Karen Gershowitz
Episode 12631st December 2021 • Going Solo • Smashing the Plateau
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Karen Gershowitz started her career as a marketing researcher at American Express and Emery Worldwide. She was then a partner at BAI Global, a marketing consulting and research firm. In 1991 she founded Strategic Action Inc., a marketing strategy consultancy working with Fintech, performing arts and other not-for-profit institutions. We discuss:
  • Trying not to be the best-kept secret in the United States [02:44]
  • The structure of Score: where to start when growing a business [06:21]
  • Why a consultant can’t be a jack of all trades [09:02]
  • Why consultants should be partners as well [12:42]
  • The importance of having a good political radar [17:18]
  • The three big things consultants can do that employees can’t [21:15]
  • Out there lonely with the worst demons [25:11]
Since 2017 she has been a mentor at Score NYC. Her clientele are mainly individuals looking to start or grow a consulting business. Karen teaches three webinars on consulting for Score. Karen is also the author of Travel Mania: Stories of Wanderlust. Learn more about Karen at and LinkedIn.