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Future-Proof - Business Learning Institute EPISODE 75, 4th November 2019
75. The (Uncertain) Future of Audit | with Mark Miklosovic
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75. The (Uncertain) Future of Audit | with Mark Miklosovic

Halloween is over. Autumn is kicking into full gear. And you know what that means — it’s time to talk about audits!

Because the future of audit is... uncertain, to say the least. 

Luckily, we had an opportunity to talk to Mark Miklosovic, the Customer Proposition Strategy Lead for tax professionals at Thomson Reuters, who spends much of his time thinking very critically about the future of this profession.

We talk about where audit has been, where it is now, where it is going — and most importantly, what the future of this profession looks like. Given the pace of change today, it’s a crucial conversation to be having, and to be able to dig deep into the brain of someone who has a passion for this stuff like Mark does is a real treat.

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