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The Law Entrepreneur - Neil Tyra EPISODE 266, 17th May 2021
266. Master the Art of Business Development with Steve Fretzin
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266. Master the Art of Business Development with Steve Fretzin

If you’re an attorney who’s been on the internet anytime in the last few years, there’s a fair chance you’ve come across Steve Fretzin. He has written several books on issues facing law firms and attorneys seeking to grow their practice: Sales, networking, and changes within the legal space, just to name a few. He also offers coaching programs, a very successful newsletter, YouTube channel, and more. There are plenty of opportunities to completely immerse yourself with Steve, and after this conversation you’re going to want to do just that. We talk about tactical approaches to business development that will work even for introverts, the key factors of networking and promotion, and using social media strategically.


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