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Toxic People Who Hurt You
Episode 4928th December 2022 • Eldercare Success • Nancy May, CareManity, LLC
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Caring for those we love is tough enough. When toxic people enter our lives wanting more of our time, attention, energy, and even money, offering nothing in return, they make caregiving even more difficult. 

In this episode, I share some tips on identifying, assessing, and more easily separating yourself from those I refer to as time vampires, bloodsuckers, and jerks.  I also discuss how to turn things around and find more good souls to bring joy, kindness, and sharing into our lives and those we love and care for. This is a great way to end the year and start 2023 with a lighter heart.

Note:  people who whistle or hum throughout the day are actually (unintentionally) toning their vagus nerves, which puts them into a more relaxed state.  That’s why people who whistle or hum frequently are usually happier than those who don’t.  Click her for other benefits of stimulating your vagus nerve.  Give it a try. 

Happy New Year to all! 

Lots of Love, Nancy

Host:  Nancy May, Author of How to Survive 911 Medical Emergencies, Step-by-Step Before, During, After!  is an expert in managing the path of step-by-step caring for aging parents, even from over 1200 miles away. For a free, fillable File-of-Life go to Nancy is also the Co-Founder of CareManity LLC, and the private FaceBook group, Eldercare Success.

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