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How to Pivot Industries as a Product Manager
Episode 96th September 2022 • Trying to Product • Parv Sondhi and Alex Cox
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How to Pivot Industries as a Product Manager

Everything is moving so quickly these days, and industries are constantly disrupted by startups. With this comes the feeling of ‘you'll never learn everything’. Fortunately, part of being a Product Manager is dealing with ambiguity and being in that mind space of acknowledging that you might not know the problem necessarily, but will still try to understand it and solve it. So, as a product manager, how do you pivot industries in this rapidly changing space? 

Join us to learn more about:

  • The fundamental aspect of your PM skills and general knowledge [2:56]
  • If time is a metric in pivoting Industries [4:33] 
  • The timespan to ramp up on starting in a new Industry and then ramping up to the level of feeling competent [7:30]
  • More fundamental knowledge and recommendations on pivoting Industries as a PM [12:55]

… and so much more!

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