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Backstage Guide To Real Estate: Keystone Concepts To Success With Matt Picheny
9th January 2023 • Ice Cream with Investors • Matt Fore
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A failed company. A Robert Kiyosaki book.

Hamilton’s My Shot. All of these combined to create Matt Picheny’s

success in real estate. With the challenges and the right motivation, he

stumbled into real estate investing and the path to financial freedom. In this

episode, he joins Matt Fore to share with us his journey along with his #1

best-selling book, Backstage Guide to Real Estate.

He talks about how he made the decision to invest full-time,

utilizing both active syndication and passive investing. Combining both his

experience as an actor and real estate, Matt came up with the keystone concepts

that helped him along the way. He shares those with us in this conversation

while also breaking down some of the common misconceptions in the industry,

what makes a good operator, and how he is navigating the current choppy



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