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Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast - Robert Thibodeau EPISODE 938, 4th June 2021
Takes More Than Heart – Dennis Mellen

Takes More Than Heart – Dennis Mellen

It Takes More Than Heart

Dennis Mellen

We have all experienced those hard roads in life. If you haven’t – you will. Amen. I know I have. I’ve had several life altering occurrences that totally changed my direction and careers. And every single one of them were unexpected. I’m sure you can relate in some way to what I’m saying. Well, my guest today also experienced an unexpected, life altering change, which we will go over. But he made the mental adjustment and continued to move forward. He took the challenge and turned into an opportunity.

US Air Force Reserves LTC (Retired) Dennis Mellen served, not only in the military in deployments and support of Desert One, Desert Shield and Desert Storm, as well as many other areas of conflict, he was also working in the civilian sector for Alaska Airlines in various capacities as well. He was head of training for over 550 pilots and 40 instructors; he helped to establish the Alaska Airlines route structure in eastern Russia and has worked in aviation management for two other air carriers leading their training and standardization departments. He served as a consultant for the International Air Transport Association as Operation Safety auditor – before kicking back into a leisurely job of High School baseball coach, becoming a speaker and an author! Glory to God!

He is the author of a great book titled, “Takes More Than Heart: Changing the Journey’s Challenges into Opportunities.”

Colonel Mellen says in life, you will encounter many obstacles (if you have not already). How you deal with these challenges will define your character. It is all about a driven heart and pure grit. In his book, Dennis Mellen shares about changing your life’s challenges into opportunities. And this applies to everyone, from athletes to business people.

His book will help you to understand the events that may come at you, but will also give you the wisdom to influence the outcomes - by your reaction to the events.

He paraphrases a verse in the Bible, Proverbs 24:16 that says, “though a righteous man falls down seven times, he still gets up…” Dennis says, “If you fall seven times, get up eight!” Glory to God!

My first question I always start with is this. Other than that brief information I just shared, can you tell us in your own words, “Who is Dennis Mellen?”

Your book, “Takes More Than Heart,” was this written from the perspective of the military mindset that a challenge or setback is just another opportunity to overcome?

This book is part self-help but also part memoir. Your flying career ended unexpectedly, as many people’s lives and careers have also ended with no notice. They did nothing wrong, but faced life altering circumstances of which they had no control. I have as well.

Can you tell us your story and what inspired you to write this great book, “Takes More Than Heart: Changing the Journey’s Challenges into Opportunities?”

What other challenges do you share from your life in this book?

Who would be the type of reader that would benefit the most from your book?

In this time, coming out of the COVID pandemic, there are many, many people that have their lives completely turned upside down. I know there are many people listening to us right now that have experienced business setbacks, personal setbacks, life changing events, health wise, losing loved ones, etc. How can your book help them?

Let’s talk a bit about some of the things you share in the book. You use an acronym W.I.N. What is this and how can we use it in our daily life?

I also seen this next reference of “taking care of the next 200 feet” on the journey to reaching your goal. What does that refer to?

We are about out of time. How can someone get a copy of your great book, “Takes More Than Heart: Changing the Journey’s Challenges into Opportunities?” Is it on Amazon?

If someone wanted to contact you, get more information, invite you to come speak at a conference or maybe do an interview such as this, how can they do that? How can they get in touch with you?

Folks, I cannot encourage you enough that you need to get a copy of Dennis Mellen’s book, “Takes More Than Heart: Changing the Journey’s Challenges into Opportunities.” This book will encourage you to turn those setbacks into victories. It will give you real life examples of how the journey of life will try to take you out – but how you can turn the tables and come out on top. This book has been written for such a time as this. You need to order this book and you need to do now – before the devil will try to distract you and make you forget about it. That is how important this book is.

Use the link down below to order your copy today. I’m also including a link to the book trailer. This is a great minute and half or so that will motivate you to take action right now, today. You never know when the life altering event will happen. So you need to prepare now. You need to take action now. So when it does occur, you just adjust and keep on going. Amen.




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