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Compare and Contrast
Episode 130th November 2021 • Japan's Masterpiece • HVSPN
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Show Name:  Japan’s Masterpiece

Episode #1:  Compare and contrast

In this episode of Japan’s Masterpiece, we discuss our top picks for strength, speed and fighting style in anime.

Segment 1: explaining anime in a few words

In this segment we take a random anime and try to explain the entire thing in as few words as possible. But we also try to make this segment a little funny. Also we don’t tell you what anime it is for a fun twist.

Segment 2:  Deeper dive

In this segment we take the anime that we used for segment 1 and do a deeper dive to find fun or interesting facts about the people involved with the production or writing of the masterpiece of the day.

Segment 3:  Discussion

In today’s episode, the 3rd segment was a discussion of the strongest, fastest, hardest to fight and coolest fighters. For today's discussion we chose Naruto, Hunter x Hunter and Demon Slayer for our picks.

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