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299 Release Stress and Elevate Your Mood with Anastacia Marx de Salcedo
8th December 2022 • The Well Woman Show • Giovanna Rossi: wellness and leadership coach
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Hello Well Women; Happy November. On Show this week, I interview Anastacia Marx de Salcedo. She is a nonfiction writer whose work has appeared in the Atlantic, Salon, Slate, Vice, and on PBS and NPR blogs. She has worked as a public health consultant, news magazine publisher, and public policy researcher. She is the author of Combat-Ready Kitchen: How the U.S. Military Shapes the Way You Eat, also published in Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese, and lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

We discuss:

The idea that physical activity is more important than diet for health

The important message that you CAN be healthy at any size as long as you get enough exercise, despite what the marketing and media might say.


that every day scientists are discovering new cellular and molecular impacts of physical activity, including that it elevates mood, relieves stress, and has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. We're all learning together.

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