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Customer-Centric Service Ideology [RR 968]
Episode 9682nd July 2024 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Thanks to our Partner, NAPA Auto Care "As shop owners and management, we want to be productive, we want to follow key metrics, we all need to be in business. We all got to meet our goals, our personal goals as shop owners and management. But at the end of the day, if you're not looking for moments of stress happening in your organization and what you can do from a resource point of view, that's what I see." Frank Leutz emphasizes a customer-centric approach, highlighting the value of simplicity, positive employee work culture, and community involvement. Frank Leutz, Desert Car Car, WrenchNationTV. Frank's previous episodes HERE Show Notes
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  • The Brakes for Breasts Initiative (00:00:15) An initiative by two shop owners to raise funds for a vaccine for triple negative breast cancer.
  • Early Days of Desert Car Care (00:01:49) Frank Leutz discusses the history and relocation of Desert Car Care in Cave Creek, Arizona.
  • Wrench Nation (00:02:49) Frank Leutz talks about the origins and evolution of Wrench Nation, an automotive lifestyle show.
  • Customer-Centric Service Ideology (00:04:21) Frank Leutz discusses the importance of focusing on making the customer the hero of the service experience.
  • Simplicity in Decision-Making (00:09:28) The significance of keeping business operations simple and the impact of simplicity on leadership and problem-solving.
  • Managing Cynicism in the Industry (00:15:35) Frank Leutz addresses the issue of cynicism in the automotive industry and the importance of coaching and therapy to overcome it.
  • The ideology of leaving a legacy (00:16:41) Discusses the importance of leaving a legacy within the industry and the impact of one's actions on future generations.
  • The importance of attitude and aptitude (00:19:39) Emphasizes the significance of attitude and aptitude in maintaining a healthy work-life balance and the impact on business and personal life.
  • The concept of "night school" and continuous learning (00:20:32) Discusses the idea of continuous learning, seeking training sessions, and the importance of personal and professional development.
  • Fostering a supportive and community-oriented workplace (00:22:02) Highlights the importance of creating a supportive and community-oriented workplace, including team-building activities and supporting employees in personal challenges.
  • Embracing a people-first approach (00:24:46) Stresses the importance of celebrating and supporting people within the organization, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment.
  • Community involvement and giving back (00:28:13) Emphasizes the role of auto shops in the community, giving back, and supporting local initiatives, such as free oil changes for school teachers.
  • The significance of networking and staying connected (00:31:39) Highlights the power of networking and staying connected with industry peers and mentors for personal and professional growth.
  • Mutual Appreciation (00:36:03) Frank and Carm express mutual admiration for each other's contributions to the industry.
  • Property Ownership (00:36:26) Frank shares his excitement about owning commercial real estate for his business, Desert Car Care.
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