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CFCP On Air: New Voices of Ireland Session 5 with Diviane Helena and Barbara O’Meara
Episode 726th March 2021 • CFCP On Air • Centre For Creative Practices
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Diviane Helena and Barbara O’Meara 

rituals, ancestry, and femininity

In Conversation

In this session of CFCP On Air we talk to artists Diviane Helena and Barbara O'Meara about their collaboration.

Both developed a collection of six videos, three videos each, inspired by their virtual meetings in which they immersed themselves in dialogue and studies about ancestry, femininity and traditional sacred rituals from Ireland and Brazil.

The videos are also a response to the restrictions we are living at the moment due to Covid-19. The artists worked from separate locations due to the current restrictions.

Their subjective implication made this project happen from an intimate place.

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