Weird! - Aaron Lindsey and Craig Underhill
#91: Rabbit Hash, Wooster Tech, and The Wiener Drone
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#91: Rabbit Hash, Wooster Tech, and The Wiener Drone

On this episode we discuss all things weird, including a pistol packing nugget fan,  a snoozing crook, and courtroom fisticuffs.

Critical Cactus!

Woman pulls gun after being shorted chicken nugget

Sleepy burglary suspect caught taking nap

Judge tosses lawyers in jail for courtroom fistfight

Woman jailed after assault with a George Foreman Grill

Canada police investigate theft of mummified human toe served in drinks

Duck walks into pub, drinks pint, fights dog

TV crew's SUV stolen while they filmed story about crime

For the fourth time, small Kentucky town elects a dog as mayor

Bikini Contest Marred When Woman Clobbers Fellow Competitor In Head With High-Heeled Shoes

Baboons Pillage and Poop in Man's Airbnb

California researchers accidentally send out alert for magnitude 6.8 quake — that happened in 1925

Woman 'bites waiter' at Adelaide restaurant

Cookout turns awkward when NC man pulls gun, robs fellow guest, police say

Roofers mistakenly remove roof off a couple’s home

Wooster police stop driverless Amish buggy with energetic horse

Security guard arrested after pulling over Miami police officer

Man shatters world record in Plum for fastest mile on a pogo stick

Oscar Mayer Wiener Drone Designed To Make It Rain Hot Dogs

China cracks down on latest fad toy: toothpick crossbows

The Philly Phanatic. :