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After The Gridiron - Lyle Green
EP 46: Interview With Retired Pro Football Player Robert Drummond
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EP 46: Interview With Retired Pro Football Player Robert Drummond

Robert had a 12 year career in pro football, which included time in the NFL and CFL.  He was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles and played for them before joining the CFL where he played for the Baltimore Stallions, Toronto Argonauts and BC Lions.  He started playing football as a little kid in his home town of Syracuse, NY.  He loved football because of its physicality, and it allowed him to hit other guys and not get in trouble for it.  He was fast so track was his other main sport.  When it came time to choose a college, Penn State was the front runner.  He was always a fan of them and thought that would be where he would attend school.  However, when it came time to make the decision, he decided to stay home and attend his home town Syracuse University.  The proximity to home and the fact that his mom graduated from there were factors that influenced him to go there instead.  It was a choice he was happy he made and be able to have his family support so close by.  In fact, his family not only went to games, they would attend his practices as well!  His draft year was one of the most talented drafts in history.  He was a top prospect, however with a few Junior running backs declaring for the draft a year early, he was pushed down the draft a bit.  He still went in the 3rd round to the Eagles so he was still highly regarded.  He was thrilled to be a part of the team play with and against players he grew up watching.  A huge highlight for him was getting to meet Marcus Allen after a game against the Raiders.  After his time with the Eagles he played in the CFL with the Baltimore Stallions where he shared the backfield with the great Mike Pringle.  He had to play fullback but was a matchup nightmare for other teams.  After winning a Grey Cup there he signed with the Argonauts.  He got a chance to be the primary guy there and won a couple more championships.  After a couple more career stops, he headed for retirement, the love for the game had left him.  In retirement, he knew he wanted to do something to help kids and give back to the community.  He started his personal training company The Face of Fitness where he helps young athletes to reach their potential and help them achieve their goals.  He also developed a training platform the assesses an athlete’s athletic skill level.  It has even garnered the interest of the IOC and they may be using it at some point in the future!  For more on Robert and his training, follow the links below.