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Procuretech Driving Procurement Excellence – Graham Crawshaw from CASME
Episode 1327th October 2022 • The Procuretech Podcast: Digital Procurement, Unwrapped • James Meads
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Welcome back to The Procuretech Podcast! We're continuing our mini series where we ask industry experts and influencers about everything happening in the digital procurement world.  

Procuretech Driving Procurement Excellence - Graham Crawshaw from CASME

  Today’s guest is Graham Crawshaw, Director of Procurement Content for CASME - a sponsor-free membership organisation for procurement professionals.    Having already been a guest on an episode of Graham's own podcast, it was high time to invite him onto the Procuretech Podcast.   02:08 We open up with a look back over Graham’s career. From indirect procurement at EMI, to running procurement roundtables, and eventually finding his role at CASME.   05:07 How does Graham think the impact of procurement technology has changed, comparing now to five or even ten years ago?   From writing a thesis on computer aided procurement in the early nineties and throughout his career, Graham’s had a unique vantage point.    He shares the story from his point of view.    06:51 How AI and machine learning are allowing us to push more frontiers in data analysis.   We also touch on the frustratingly slow uptake for procurement tech, and how surprisingly few businesses embrace the full potential of good analytics.    12:39 Leaner teams on tighter budgets mean that there’s often an education gap in the mid-market. We talk about how to encourage smaller businesses to welcome digital transformation.   14:00 Discussing the challenges that procurement teams face in smaller organisations, and how they can get their voice heard.  We also discuss the importance of UI and UX in appealing to Gen Z, and bringing fresh talent into our profession.    15:00 The importance of interpreting data in spend analytics, and how pie charts alone do not represent actionable understanding.    We explain the value of conversation and facilitation when it comes to educating people about technology, and how CASME’s sponsor-free approach makes it a unique source of knowledge.    17:27 What does Graham think is driving the agenda when it comes to changes in procurement?   19:14 We touch on the fantastic work of Prof. Dr. Florian Kleemann. Florian spoke with us on a previous Procuretech Podcast episode, and  had some really interesting things to say on change management.   20:39 Graham shares his experiences from hosting a recent panel discussion on eProcurement.   23:05  What did Graham notice about the participants in that discussion group? Was there any correlations between industries, their maturity, their complexity and their willingness to adopt procurement tech? Or was it fairly random?    24:38 We wrap up today’s podcast by thanking Graham for his time and asking where you can learn more about CASME.   You’ll find all the relevant links below.   Thanks for listening, and we’ll catch you next time!   

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