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Unlock the Power of Indeed Resume to Find Technicians Faster [AW 152]
Episode 1528th April 2023 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Chris Lawson provides insights on using Indeed's applicant tracking system effectively and recommends using social media to showcase your company's values and culture to attract top talent. Chris also discusses the importance of personal connections and using proven methods to find the right technicians.

Chris Lawson, TechnicianFind.Com. Chris’ previous episodes HERE

Show Notes:  
  • Watch Full Video: HERE
  • Concerns and Impact with Indeed Layoffs [00:03:46] Discussion of the recent layoffs in the tech sector, including at Indeed, and how it may affect recruiting in the automotive aftermarket industry.
  • Decline in Sponsored Jobs [00:05:12] Indeed's decline in sponsored jobs by 33% due to a losing business model and diminishing returns.
  • Using Indeed for Recruiting [00:07:21] Using Indeed for resume search and applicant tracking system to actively search for technicians.
  • Recruiting on Indeed [00:09:28] Discussion on how to use Indeed for recruiting talent in the automotive aftermarket industry, including pricing and subscription plans.
  • Social Media Recruiting [00:12:25] Importance of social media for recruiting passive job seekers and building a strong brand and culture.
  • Building Your Brand on Social Media [00:13:34] Tips on using social media to showcase your company culture and attract potential employees.
  • The Importance of Spouses in Hiring [00:14:51] The role of spouses in the hiring process and how to win them over to secure a potential employee.
  • Stop Fishing and Refine Your Hiring Process [00:16:17] The importance of having a proven hiring process instead of relying on luck and chance to find potential employees.
  • Recruiting on Indeed [00:17:18] Tips for using filters and structuring outreach to attract technicians on Indeed.
  • Challenges with Indeed [00:18:05] Indeed's new policies and how they affect the recruitment process.
  • Effective Outreach [00:18:48] How to structure outreach to potential candidates and reduce ghosting.
  • Maximizing Indeed [00:20:06] Encouragement to explore Indeed's full potential and use filters to find good candidates.
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