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Amateur Intellectuals - Caitlin Ward and Kendall Smith EPISODE 5, 5th July 2020
05 Food - An Intro
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05 Food - An Intro

Feelin' hungry? We've got the sweet, savory, umami (& ooh daddi too!). Kendall satisfies our appetite with this week's episode on food. From crazy food origins to food artistry and presentation, we offer a light amuse-bouche on this yummy topic.

Drink of the Episode:

Dead Rabbit's Bloody Mary (instructions/recipe in the link)

Ingredients: pepper, dill, paprika, roasted tomato juice, salt, fresh and pickled horseradish, pepperoncini juice and pepper garnish, worcestershire, hot sauce, lemon juice and an ounce and a half of vodka, roll in ice, pour over fresh ice, pepperoncini, olive cherry tomato and celery stick.

More references: