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Radical Resilience The Podcast - Pegah Kadkhodaian EPISODE 5, 27th April 2020
How Cancer Can Heal with Amanda Whitworth
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How Cancer Can Heal with Amanda Whitworth

When a person receives a cancer diagnosis it can be terrifying and when you get that diagnosis multiple times and for multiple members of your family it can test your will and resilience.   Amanda's story of turning her diagnosis and news of her family getting that same diagnosis into the catalyst for her healing, and how she used that to fuel her creative endeavors, is truly remarkable. 

Amanda believes we are all born creative. That creativity is our soul’s way of communicating with the world, our lifeblood, our truth and our lighthouse guiding us home. Amanda is here to inspire others to find freedom on their creative path by living a more simple and intentional life. 

Amanda is a self-taught woodworker, writer, and is slowly transitioning out of the hustle and into a more intentional life. Amanda blogs about her journey of simplifying her life and getting at amandawhitworth.com

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Renowned speaker, international trainer, and resilience expert Pegah Kadkhodaian believes whole-heartedly in the transformative nature of resilience. Over the past 20 years, she’s cultivated a holistic approach to coaching, blending cutting-edge techniques and complimentary philosophies to inspire a completely new way of being in the world. By guiding clients toward their inherent gifts and inner wisdom, Pegah unlocks the profoundly resilient nature written deep within us all.

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