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Training and Safety in the Age of EVS and ADAS [RR 965]
Episode 96521st June 2024 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Thanks to our Partners, AAPEX, NAPA TRACS, and Automotive Management Network Matt Fanslow and Carm Capriotto share their experiences at the NAPA Autotech Training Research Center in Canton, OH. Matt highlights the importance of safety and professional training in handling high-voltage systems in electric and hybrid vehicles. Both emphasize the need for shops to invest in ongoing education, advanced tools, and equipment to stay ahead in the evolving automotive industry, particularly with the rise of ADAS and EV technologies. Matt Fanslow, Senior Technology Specialist and shop manager, Riverside Automotive, Red Wing, MN. Matt’s previous episodes HERE Matt Fanslow Podcast: Diagnosing the Aftermarket A to Z
Show Notes
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  • Buffalo Wing Challenge:
  • Kansas City Chicken Wing Challenge:
  • Advanced Fundamentals of Krispy Kreme Waffles with Isaac Rodell:
  • The Brakes for Breasts initiative (00:00:01)
  • Arrival at the NAPA EV Ready Training Center (00:01:22) Carm and Matt Fanslow arrive at the NAPA EV Ready Training Center in Canton, OH and discuss their impressions of the facility.
  • Impressions of the EV training (00:01:44) Matt Fanslow expresses his initial skepticism about the EV training but is impressed by the curriculum, presentation, and passion of the instructor Bill Weaver.
  • Importance of safety in EV training (00:03:19) Matt Fanslow emphasizes the importance of safety in working with high voltage systems and the need for a healthy respect for the dangers involved.
  • Learning and reinforcing knowledge (00:06:35) Matt Fanslow discusses the importance of learning and reinforcing knowledge.
  • Understanding electrical safety (00:08:05) Matt Fanslow and Carm discuss the importance of understanding electrical safety, including concepts like ghost voltage and arc flash.
  • The need for respect and preparation in EV business (00:16:28) The need for respect and preparation in entering the EV business, urging shops to be proactive rather than reactive.
  • The Evolution of Technology in the Automotive Industry (00:21:56) Highlighting the significance of staying updated with technological advancements and the impact on the automotive industry.
  • Preparing for the Future of EVs (00:25:45) Discussion about the proactive approach to preparing for the future of electric vehicles and the need for specialized equipment and training.
  • The Complexities and Responsibilities of Working with EVs (00:28:16) Addressing the complexities and responsibilities involved in working with electric vehicles and the need for specialized knowledge and training.
  • Safety and Standards in EVs (00:31:55) Discussion about safety precautions and standards in dealing with electric vehicles and the differences between regions.
  • Tools and Equipment for EV Maintenance (00:33:20) Exploring the necessity and benefits of specialized tools and equipment for maintaining electric vehicles.
  • Respecting High Voltage Systems (00:36:09) Emphasizing the importance of respecting and being cautious around high voltage systems in electric vehicles.
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