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Christian CEO Podcast with Kelly Baader - Kelly Baader EPISODE 11, 26th September 2016
Trivinia Barber | How to hire the right virtual assistants
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Trivinia Barber | How to hire the right virtual assistants

#11: Trivinia is the founder, and CEO of Priority VA, a virtual assistant placement firm that matches online business owners with highly skilled administrators. Handpicked by Trivinia, a virtual assistant herself with 12 years of executive-level experience, Priority VA virtual assistants are an elite workforce who tame the madness of online business life with order, efficiency and style.

They serve Speakers, authors, entrepreneurs, podcasters and bloggers. A Priority VA assistant allows passionate business owners to stop sweating the small stuff and focus on what they do best.

And God has surprise in store for Trivinia, she didn’t know till the end of the show!

Curious? Well, stay till the end to find out! Now, let’s chat with Trivinia!


Key Lessons from this Episode:

  • How to hire the right Virtual Assistants
  • Why your value system is the core to hire your team
  • What are the 4 categories of tasks to hire out
  • What are the common mistakes business owners make when it comes to hire Virtual Assistants


Links For this Episode:


Trivinia’s giveaway: www.priorityva.com/kelly

Trivinia’s Website: www.priorityva.com

Show Page: http://kellybaader.com/011