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45 Hours Florida Real Estate Post Licensing Education Sales Associates - CuzinVinnieNetwork.com EPISODE 5, 19th November 2019
45 Post Unit 5 Pricing the Property to Sell
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45 Post Unit 5 Pricing the Property to Sell

45 Hour Post-Licensing Education for Florida Real Estate Sales Associates Tenth Edition by Edward J. O'Donnell follow the Florida Legislature’s mandate to increase the professionalism of licensees.

You have three choices to purchase. 1) a physical book or 2) a eBook or 3) the online class

At the beginning of each section is an introductory paragraph designed to set the tone for the unit(s) in that section and a second paragraph giving the reasons for focusing on the subject area described. Each unit overview offers a summary of the subject areas covered. Each unit in the textbook lists learning objectives. Key terms list is a teaching vehicle at the beginning of a unit, rather than an alert at the beginning of a unit. Only the important terms used in each unit are listed. Many key terms from FREC Course I for Sales Associates are used in the units but are not identified as such in the textbook. This post-licensing course is a follow-up course, building on knowledge learned and experience gained rather than repeating Course I material. Practice Exam Multiple-choice questions follow each unit and are similar to those found on the practice final exam and on the end-of-course exam. The answers to the quizzes are at the end of each unit in this manual and in the answer key at the back of the manual. 

You have three choices to purchase 1) a physical book or 2) a eBook 3) the online class

A glossary of key terms is included to help students increase their real estate vocabulary

FINAL WORD Many students have a negative view of the post-licensing requirements only because attendance is mandatory. This an excellent opportunity for you to gain from this educational experience,

I will do all I can to help them become more comfortable and competent in your real estate activities. I want you to know the rewards you will receive in the business from study in each area being presented and discussed. I will be throughout the course be making and keeping the learning alive, examples from my own professional experience to make teaching points. 

You have three choices to purchase 1) a physical book or 2) a eBook 3) the online class

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