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Good #leadership is daring to be authentic, guest Mireille Toulekima
12th January 2023 • Soul-Inspired-Leadership • Ross Swan and Antoinette Biehlmeier
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Business is all about facts and data. Whereas great leadership occurs from the authenticity reflected in actions a leader takes. That authenticity occurs when, as a leader, one leads from their heart and not only take decisions based on the data. Authenticity is showing who you are through your actions by leading from your inner being.

Authenticity is our individual greatness. Which is our gift of being unique as human beings.

Up until we understand this and know how to express it in our behaviour we're not being authentic. On the contrary, we're existing through an imposter syndrome scenario.

It requires going within yourself and discovering what one is really passionate about and then using that in being intentional in every aspect of one's life.

'Be the best version of yourself' is an oft-heard phrase. What authenticity truly means is continually learning and growing every day.

So how do you bring about exploring and finding your authenticity?

The 'Greatness Engineering' way has a simple process called 'DARE'

D- Decide

A- Action

R- Review

E- Expand

In leadership authenticity, it all starts with the decisions we make. That decision leads us to take action. Which either brings us results that we planned to achieve or not. That's where one needs to review the results. This is the stage where learning for improvement occurs. And from that learning one expands to decide the next course of action.

What this process does, it helps you be more effective in your communication with others by establishing clarity in all actions. It puts forth your attitude which sets the tone of the relationships. Which then helps the leadership and oneself to be valued and appreciated.

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