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The Scale Podcast - Marketing Strategies For Coaches - Oliver Denyer 18th November 2019
MENTAL Guarantees You Won’t Offer (But Should)
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MENTAL Guarantees You Won’t Offer (But Should)

One of the most neglected elements of an offer is the guarantee. We spend AGES thinking about pricing, bonuses, value and scarcity …but then we slap on a bog-standard, boring-ass ’30 days or your money back’ guarantee. YAWWWNN!

Let’s talk about how to KICK ASS with a mental guarantee your competition will NEVER dare copy.

Here’s what we cover: 

  • The four reasons focusing on the guarantee will get you more sales. Once you hear these …you’ll never put a boring guarantee on your offers ever again.
  • The time I used a ’90 day double-your-money-back guarantee’ and got CRAZY results with my launch (50 people joined my program!
  • Why CRAZY guarantees lead to less refunds
  • The one thing you should do with all this information right now, to make more sales, look cooler and astonish your customers

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