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Aspire: The Leadership Development Podcast - Joshua Stamper 15th September 2020
Aspire to RISE: Featuring Alana Gilliam
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Aspire to RISE: Featuring Alana Gilliam

As a leader, have you ever found yourself feeling attacked when a colleague is providing critical feedback? This month’s aspiring leader, Alana Gilliam, shares how she struggles to feel comfortable and confident in crucial conversations. 

In this Episode, we discuss:

  • A challenge Alana shares in her leadership experience
  • Importance of emotional intelligence for leaders and complexity in giving and receiving feedback
  • Resources for engaging in important and effective conversations

About Alana Gilliam:

She is a 6th grade math teacher and team leader in Bentonville Arkansas. She just started her 11th year teaching, and is currently working on her specialist degree in educational leadership. Alana has a passion for supporting both students and teachers in meeting the diverse needs of students.

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Resources from the Episode

  • Crucial Conversations 



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