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LeftFoot - Fresh Conversations on the Business of Law - Nicole Giantonio 18th October 2016
37: Wow! with Hitendra Patil
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37: Wow! with Hitendra Patil

The Impact You Have On Clients.


Nicole talks with Hitendra Patil the author of the recently published book Accountaneur. Hitendra has worked in the Outsourcing, IT, Finance and Accounting industries during including leadership roles in India, Thailand and the US.

Hitendra Patil Bio

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Create measurable value for your clients. It’s not about the ‘work you deliver’ but the impact you have on the clients you secure (the human being).

4 Kinds of Buyers:

1 – Commodity Buyer – price focused – good for business as it forces efficiency and productivity gains

2 – Product Buyer – looks for state of the art product and services, has a clearly defined need and is looking for a customized set of services

3 – Solution Buyer – has a specific need and is looking to ensure their need is within your core competency, they need you to be informed and to keep them informed

4 – Consultancy Buyer – looks at the professionals experience and willingness to partner for the long term over frequent interactions and a longer period

Determine where you want clients to come from – what category; and start talking to those clients. Create messaging/solutions specifically targeting at those clients.

Today business developers are more like consultants they’re providing clarification on what clients learned before contacting them.

In traditional outbound marketing – the provider contacts the buyer. Today a lot of professional business development is inbound where the buyer is contacting the provider – they’ve already determined there is fit between your services and their needs.

Technology allows clients to qualify providers and providers to target specific potential clients.

Ask your clients what ‘your Wow’ is – ask them what they value in your services. ‘Your Wow’ is delivering beyond expectations.

In business development you need opportunities with buyers. It helps to build risk reversal into your offer.   Offer a free trial period where the only risk is the time they take to try your services.

Last word: Be a keen observer/student of others. It’s about the human experience.