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My Bible Study - Pastor Robert Thibodeau EPISODE 29
Genesis Chapter Six Verses 8-22
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Genesis Chapter Six Verses 8-22

We ended last time with Noah FINDING Grace in the eyes of God. I explained how you cannot FIND something unless you are LOOKING for it! I explained that God was GIVING Grace to everyone, but ONLY NOAH was looking for it and found it!

The remaining verses go on to detail the instructions God gave to Noah on how to build the Ark.  This is very important. It had never been done before. It had to 100% sea worthy!  

God then goes on to tell Noah about how many animals would be on the boat. How to care for them, etc.

It was not Noah’s job to go into all the earth and find these animals. They all belong to God. 

God moved upon the animals to come to where Noah was at. All he had to do was keep the Ark open and guide them into their stalls. His job WAS to prepare the food storage and to gather all of that up.

Some animals were in sevens and others were in two’s. Why the difference?

Because one each of the clean animals was going to be given as an offering after they all left the Ark. That still left three pairs each of the clean animals. This would allow them to mate and begin repopulating the earth.

Down in verse 22, we see this chapter conclude by saying, “Thus did Noah according to all that God had commanded him.”

Will the end of the book about your life read the same thing?

Next time, we look at the flood itself, as we go into Chapter Seven of the Book of Genesis.

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