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God Does Amazing Things When We Trust and Obey, with Don Armstead – EM276
Episode 27612th February 2020 • Engaging Missions • Bryan Entzminger
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Sometimes stepping out in faith can seem scary. Listen as Don Armstead shares how God's shown His faithfulness and providence through years of professional transitions, leading worship, church transitions, and more.

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We all want to see God do amazing thing but sometimes the struggle is in remaining faithful and obedient in the various places God calls us.

Listen as Don Armstead shares the stories of God’s spectacular faithfulness. From career transitions to allowing God to teach him to play music as a worship leader to navigating church transitions and more, Don has remained faithfully obedient. And through it all, God has shown His incredible providence.

While the world would point to a path of personal gain and glory, Don has chosen to be obedient in the little things and because of that faithfulness, God has taken him to places he’d never have dreamed.

Now, not only does he minister in a local church, he’s able to travel to the Philippines for months at a time, building relationships, ministering, and supporting the Church there with a vision that is expanding from glory to glory to glory.

Listen to hear what God’s done and to be inspired.

What We Talked About

It was really about paying close attention to the direction of the Holy Spirit.
  • 00:24 - Episode Introduction
  • 01:19 - Introducing Don Armstead - Worship Leader, Servant, and Missionary
  • 01:48 - What was it like to minister alongside your father?
  • 02:54 - Bringing order and structure to a family-oriented church
  • 03:47 - Listening to the Holy Spirit when there's relational friction
  • 05:02 - The time when God helped Don learn difficult song on the piano
  • 07:45 - How God showed His providence when Don moved to Chicago
  • 11:07 - Why the career change from banking to hospitality?
  • 13:56 - The invitation and the delay that took Don to the Philippines at the right time
  • 18:34 - How did the idea for missionary housing fit into the timeline?
  • 22:01 - What is God revealing now as the vision for the future?
  • 27:29 - What doors and relationships are you waiting on God for right now?
  • 28:53 - Don's Website
  • 29:25 - The two most important things Don would like to leave us with
  • 31:19 - How we can best pray for Don
  • 32:31 - A place where you can find more podcasts focused on missions and church planting

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