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Best Ever Interview with Joe Fairless
Episode 8820th January 2020 • INVESTTHIS • Scott Bower
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I have known Joe for many years, a matter of fact, he is the reason I started a podcast about real estate investing! I thought it a perfect fit to have him jumpstart INVESTTHIS 2.0! 

Join us as we discuss how Joe became so successful, how it started, and the significant role his mindset played in his growing success! 

Key Takeaways of Part 1 Interview with Joe Fairless

  • How he became VP of and ad agency in NY right out of school
  • He made a goal of making $100K before he was thirty; find out how
  • On his first big deal, he lost money, but how he handled the situation made him more money in the future
  • Joe has interviewed over 2000 investors, and the knowledge he has gained is invaluable
  • Discussion on the path you choose reveals your character of who you truly are
  • How he makes a conscious effort to listen and learn from others - all the time
  • How to play the long game
  • How to focus on and use your unique talents
  • Assessing your skill set to enable you to move forward

Part 2 will be coming out soon: Strategies on How to Change Your Mindset.

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