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Ep. 44 | Winning The Realtor Pursuit with Holly Walther
Episode 4415th May 2024 • The 360 Experience • Tim Braheem
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Tim Braheem Interviews Holly Walther

Holly Walther has been in the mortgage business for 25 years. In 2021 she funded over 500 units and 170 million in personal production. What's more impressive is that in 2023 she funded over 70 million in production. She has grown her business by developing substantial relationships with Real Estate agents and by managing her energy through cultivating balance in her personal and professional life. In this episode, she and our host Tim Braheem uncover what you need to be doing right now in light of the NAR ruling to achieve success and growth as an originator.

You Will Learn:

  1. How to develop a value proposition with Realtors in today's competitive market
  2. The importance of developing your self worth with growing your business
  3. Why the fuel that you put in your body influences your business success
  4. How to balance your personal life and goals with your business
  5. The power of authenticity and vulnerability

Who is Holly Walther?

Holly is a passionate mother of three boys and wife to her husband, a fire captain just outside of Atlanta.

Holly’s 20 years of lending experience and 100 percent closing record of her pre-approved loans has earned her the recognition of being among the top five percent of mortgage bankers by the Mortgage Bankers of Georgia Association. She prides herself on exclusive concierge service, and systematic communication will keep clients informed and involved every step of the way ensuring a streamlined approval process. Holly’s team at Success Mortgage Partners focuses on honesty, integrity and a solutions-based approach to any challenge that might arise during the lending process.

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