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Looking Forward Our Way - Carol Ventresca and Brett Johnson EPISODE 130, 29th April 2020
Dust Off Your Resume
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Dust Off Your Resume

As we begin to exit from the nationwide shutdown due to COVID-19, now is the time to get that resume out, "dust it off," and start that job hunt fresh.

In a recent Employment For Seniors newsletter to our clients, our Natalie Zimmerman, Executive Director at EFS stated...

"It is a time to shift our mindset from stressing about the things we can't do to taking control and focus on the things WE CAN DO. We have a choice and that is a powerful feeling. It is a time to be gentle with ourselves. Identify one small step you can take. Can it be to pull out that old resume and give it a fresh new look? Reach out for assistance- in times of uncertainty, returning to experiences that grounded you are helpful. Employment For Seniors is here to assist. 

Our offices are still closed, but we are working virtually. An EFS Career Counselor can help rework your resume, provide a practice interview session or assist with your elevator speech. Call our office at 614-863-1219 or visit www.employseniors.org"

Here are four past Successful Encore Career podcast episodes we encourage you to re-listen to, or listen to for the first time.

In each of these episodes, our special guest Sharon Hamersley. Sharon is the Principle Coach for The Resume Coach and has over 20 years’ experience helping individuals of all ages make a satisfying career decision or change. She's also a longtime supporter and volunteer of Employment For Seniors as well as the facilitator of all of the career workshops that we do at Employment For Seniors.

Here are the episodes.

Ep 46 - Resume Basics Part 1 - Purpose, Format, Length, and Appearance

Ep 47 - Resume Basics Part 2 - What To Include In Your Resume

Ep 48 - Resume Basics Part 3 - What To Include In Your Resume

Ep 49 - Resume Basics Part 4 - Accomplishments And Skills Key To Your Job Search

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