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Assertive Radiance - Nadia Fleury | MasterMind Alliance Mentor EPISODE 138, 14th September 2020
138 - Lifting the veil of shame
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138 - Lifting the veil of shame

Are you curious to know what your life purpose is or at least what it looks like?

Ever since I started my entrepreneurial journey, I felt I got a clearer picture of my life purpose.  It’s like I’m putting together a 10,000 piece puzzle where the picture is revealed when the pieces are connected. 

I spent many years going around the perimeter without being able to see what’s in the middle. Depending on my state of mind, I kept shifting between the right side, which is Avesence, the skincare brand, and the left side, this podcast show. But what was the connection with these two things?

My encounter with Hal and Wendy, mixed with some meditating time while trimming the bushes in the backyard, allowed me to answer my questions.

In this episode, I share my discovery of how shame affected my self worth to a point where it limited my aspiration.  Listen in as I share how you can free yourself from old wounds and open your heart to new beginnings.