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Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast - Robert Thibodeau EPISODE 940, 9th June 2021
This Affects All of Us – Tom Donnan pt 2

This Affects All of Us – Tom Donnan pt 2


Tom Donnan pt 2

Tom Donnan is back as our special guest today. Tom is an evangelist, author, teacher and someone who is on fire for God. He is gifted in discerning spiritual things that others see only in the natural. I look forward to our times together each month as Tom shares from the spiritual perspective about things happening all around us, in the news and in our lives.

But, stay tuned until the end – because enter an area of discussion that, for the most part, we have not discussed publicly before. And that is the US government preparing to discuss, publicly, for the first time ever, the official government disclosures of ET’s and UFO’s. Tom shares some spiritual insights into this as well. So stay tuned to the end of today’s episode.

Well, as always, we end up talking about some abnormalities in space. Asteroids, etc. But today, we leading off with Sun Spots. Could these sun spots also be the cause of the drought conditions that we are seeing? And sun spots also cause damage to a lot of electronic devices we have come to rely on, too. Correct?

Second M-Class Solar Flare Inbound Today May 22nd 2021! - YouTube

Technology is so ingrained in our society. In ways most people do not even realize. If sun spots can disrupt satellite communication, that puts our national defense at a high threat of having issues. Not to mention retail, commerce, banks, your computer system, etc. And when there are issues like that, obviously, security drops because everyone is focused on keeping the ship afloat at that point. Which allows hackers to dive in and take over.

Kind of like what happened recently with the oil pipeline that was a major carrier of fuel from the Texas area to the Atlantic coast areas. Long gas lines, gas outages, etc. were the norm for a few weeks. Although this was the fault of hackers, it just shows how much we have become accustomed to these conveniences. Have you seen this?

Major fuel pipeline forced to shut down after cyber attack - YouTube

You were affected on a vacation and experienced the gas shortage. Can you share what happened?

With our infrastructure failing, what else could go wrong? It will not be long, truck drivers will not be able to deliver their cargo. I mean, look at like this:

Drought means not crops.

No crops means we don’t eat.

Higher prices across the board there.

Increase in sun spots causes havoc there, plus shutting down satellite and electronics.

This opens the doors to hackers.

More effort is put on supporting the infrastructure to keep things moving.

But that also means that, in some instances, small details are overlooked, causing big problems for everyone. Look at what happened to that bridge and major highway over the Mississippi River! Did you see that?

I-40 bridge closed after officials discover a crack during routine inspection - YouTube

That not only shut down a major highway for the trucks, but river traffic on the Mississippi River was affected as well.

Over 700 Barge pileup causes huge supply chain breakdown, food to skyrocket! - YouTube

What else can go wrong that indicates the Soon Return of Jesus MUST be close?

Wait, you’re saying, really two things here…

There is an increase in UFO sightings and these sightings are impacting our military preparedness level as well?

Pilot says they've been seeing them on a REGULAR BASIS! Probable FULL DISCLOSURE in June! Oh my... - YouTube

What Disabled Missiles at Malmstrom Air Force Base? - YouTube

(You do not want to miss the next episode. Tom and I go into a deep, DEEP discussion of the Spiritual impact this could have on society, the persecution of Christians and whether or not ET is a demon – or our god – as some claim they would be. Be sure you come back for tomorrow’s episode as this is going to be a deep discussion on something that we have not gone into publicly before).


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